GIGT Episode #9: Leecy Fink Part 2

You’re listening to episode #9 which is a continuation of my interview with my guest Leecy Fink. If you missed last week please go back and listen to the first part of my interview with Leecy.  Her story is so amazing that we couldn’t keep it to one episode.  Leecy is an example reminding us to live each day to the fullest, bringing glory to God in all circumstances and trusting Him for every moment.

GIGT Episode #7: Peri Layton

You’re listening to episode #7 and my guest today is Peri Layton.  Peri is the Women’s Ministry Director at Shadow Mountain Church outside of Portland Oregon.  She is a wife of 35 years, a mother, a grandmother, a writer and teacher.  Peri gives great advice for all stages of life whether you are newly married, raising small kids, teenagers, or even adult children.  We talk about the joys of the empty nest, how to build a strong foundation of communication in your marriage and the importance of connecting with other women in our lives.


GIGT Episode #6: Megan Edwards

You are listening to Episode #6 and my guest is Megan Edwards.  I have the privilege of serving alongside Megan at our local church and because of that, I have had a front row seat to many of the trials the Lord has used in her life to sanctify and grow her in Him.  Megan shares about her wait to find the right husband and their subsequent struggle with infertility.  She is very candid about all of the ups and downs that shaped the early years of their marriage.  We talk about what to say, what not to say and how to relate to women in your life that may be walking along the same path.

GIGT Episode #5: Kraig McBride

You’re listening to episode #5 and my guest today is my sweet husband, Kraig.  We recorded a few weeks ago in celebration of our 18th anniversary.  It is hard to believe how fast time flies but I wouldn’t change a thing…well, not most things!  We talk about how we met, our testimony, the lavish grace of God in our lives and we attempt to share some of what we have learned through marriage and parenting.  We also talk about Kraig’s latest obsession with coffee, some of his Dad-isms and the difference between runners and smotherers…

GIGT Episode #4: Kathy Brandt

My guest for Episode #4 is Kathy Brandt. Kathy is a Dyslexia advocate and I learned a tremendous amount from her. The Lord has truly given Kathy a passion and a love for people who struggle in this area and I’m so grateful she took time to share all of her wisdom and insight! God has truly created each of us in a unique way and although we may not learn the same, we are all created in His image and precious in His sight.


GIGT Episode #2: Kelly Portnoy

You’re listening to episode #2 and my guest today is Kelly Portnoy.  Kelly is a wife to Ryan, and together their gene pool game is strong!  They are parents to three of the cutest human beings in the world, two successful business ventures and one sweet story of God’s grace!  We talk about their non-profit, “The Good Story”, Rhett Pout-noy sightings and the challenges of being un-sizeably yoked! 

GIGT Episode #1: Robby Carey

The guest for our first episode of Growing in Grace Today podcast is Robby Carey. Robby is a mother of two, a grandmother of four, a wife of 44 years. She has also served in ministry for over 40 years as a Pastor's wife. We discuss "Southern slang", ministry ups and downs, the stages of motherhood and capes.