Daffodils in Winter

In Southern churches we have a hospitality committee.  I make that statement because Southern churches are the only churches I have been a member of and I have only ever lived in the South so, I make my declarative statement out of only what I know.  Maybe other churches in other geographical locations in this United States of America have hospitality committees and if they do, well then, hallelujah!  I’m not hating on any other part of the country with my opening statement.  Therein lies my disclaimer.

If you aren’t familiar, a hospitality committee is what makes the church beautiful, puts on all the delicious covered dish luncheons in the fellowship hall (although that may overlap with the fellowship committee), organizes showers for nervous brides and expectant mothers (with the sherbet green punch I could binge drink), sets up meals for new mamas and the bereaved and just overall makes the church, well, hospitable.  And even though these committees may fall under different or multiple names, it is accurate to say that they are mostly made up of the women in the church.  It might even be like a women’s auxiliary of sorts. Giving excuses for lots of committee meetings and fellowship like we women enjoy.

Now that you have sufficient education on the specifics of a Southern church hospitality committee, I can surrender my story!  This past Sunday, one of the members of the “H.C.” (how we will refer to said committee as we continue the story) came in just before Sunday School (and yes, we are one of the few churches left in the world that still have traditional Sunday School) with a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers.  

This particular “H.C.” member has not one, but two green thumbs.  God has gifted her with the ability to grow roses out of rocks!  She has a garden the size of Texas and a sunroom filled with more plants than sun.  Not to mention she can arrange flowers so that the balance of every display just makes our front altar a place that you love to rest your eyes.  (Except when the preacher is preaching.  When he is preaching we all look at him.)

Well, her arrangement contained lenten roses (I only know this because I asked) and daffodils (I did know that before I asked).  At first, I was so enamored by the bright yellow of the daffodils that it didn’t dawn on me it was February.  And the fact that we have been enjoying 70 degree weather for the last two weeks has certainly contributed to the illusion.  But after a few minutes, stating the obvious, I said, “Those are daffodils.”  To which she replied, “Yes, I got them from my garden this week.  I don’t ever think I’ve had daffodils at Valentine’s Day.”

You know what I thought?  “Huh, isn’t that something.  We think we KNOW the predictability of the seasons.”  I think that February will be the month for cold and lenten roses but not daffodils.  I think April will be the month for blooms and not snow.  I think July will be overwhelmingly hot and humid and the grass will be brown.  But what do we know?  The truth straight from Psalm 115:3 says “our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases” and so, if He wants to have daffodils at Valentine’s Day and snow at Easter then that’s what we’ll have. 

That’s the end of my story.  No four page exposition for today just a little shout out to all the things I love about a small Southern church and the God who brings us all together to serve on the “H.C.”, drink green punch and enjoy the beauty of the daffodils in February!