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There are estimates that say if Solomon’s wealth were translated into modern day dollars he would have been worth 2.1 trillion dollars, easily making him the richest man that ever lived!  Now, to top all of that, scripture also said that he was the wisest man that ever lived.  Money and brains?  What’s not to love?


Daffodils in Winter

No four page exposition for today just a little shout out to all the things I love about a small Southern church and the God who brings us all together to serve on the “H.C.”, drink green punch and enjoy the beauty of the daffodils in February!


We Will Hold Up Your Hands

Israel had been through a crazy two months after they left Egypt and entered the Wilderness.  They had seen an incredible miracle in the parting of the Red Sea, they had supernaturally received water from a rock, quail and manna from heaven and they were about to see the Lord move once again.  However, in the midst of all of this, the Lord allowed the Amalekites to come and attack Israel.  


Psalm 90 The Eternality of God: Lesson Five, Part 2

In the first part of our last lesson, we began working our way through eight specific requests that Moses asked of the Lord as he finished Psalm 90.  Yesterday, we looked at the first three: Lord, help us to fear You, teach us to number our days and have pity on us.  Today we will cover the last five and close out this glorious chapter on the Eternality of God and the death of His saints.  Let’s pick up right where we left off...


Psalm 90 The Eternality of God: Lesson Four

Part of our fear of death is our fear of the unknown.  However, part of the reason, is the knowledge of our guilt before the Lord.  We know we are guilty and deserving of death.  We know in the deep recesses of our heart that grace is not something we deserve and is counter to how we view justice, punishment, sin and death.  We know that there are things we should have done and things we shouldn’t have done.


Psalm 90 The Eternality of God: Lesson Two

Moses starts out this Psalm, surrounded by the reality of the human condition: man’s rebellion against God and God’s punishment of sin through death; and he starts out with a big view of God.  Beloved, we have to have a greater view of God then we do of man.  We have to have a greater view of God than we do of man’s sinful condition in order to see ANYTHING accurately.  Otherwise, man and his problems become big and God becomes very small. 

Psalm 90 The Eternality of God: Lesson One

Death is a sobering reality.  Thankfully, we serve a God who does not avoid the tough subjects but informs us in His word. He wounds us in order to heal us.  He rattles our chains to cause us to stand and give pause to what will inevitably come for us all.  Death, if viewed through the wrong lens, the lens of humanity, is morbid and depressing. But if viewed through the right lens, the lens of the Eternality of God, brings joy and peace.

Psalm 90 The Eternality of God: Introduction

We know that the term “eternal” means having no beginning and no end however, we cannot completely UNDERSTAND what it means.  This will always be the case when we study about God.  We can know Him and study His character but because He is so far above us and so “other” than us, we will struggle to comprehend the full extent of who He is because He is a God of no limits.


Welcome to G.I.G.T.

I am so excited you are here!  This has been a dream and a prayer of mine for the last seven years.  Even though I have been blogging since 2010, I have always desired that it grow and become more.  I cannot wait to show you all that Growing In Grace Today is growing into!  Stay Tuned...

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